Natural Object is a full-service real estate development company with in-house creative services specializing in retail, hospitality, mixed-use, commercial office and multi-family projects.

Our process is grounded in development fundamentals and steeped in design. Our projects are humanistic, abundant in beauty, substance and imagination. We honor what came before us while steadfastly pursuing a better way forward. We foster human connection and sustain neighborhoods by harnessing the placemaking power of real estate, creating value for our partners and our communities.

We’re a small group making big impacts. Working at the intersection of development and design, we are experts at weaving a compelling narrative thread through all aspects of a real estate project. Natural Object unearths deep local, historical and cultural context to ensure that our ventures are rooted in the surrounding community. Together, we bring 35 years of real estate and design experience.

Justin Croft

Justin Croft

Justin is a real estate developer with a background in urban planning. He specializes in leasing, project management, marketing and community development.

Chris Woldum

Chris Woldum

Chris is a real estate developer with experience in adaptive reuse projects and new construction. His areas of focus include construction management, finance, acquisitions and entitlement and asset management.

Jon Hartman

Jon Hartman

Jon is a designer and creative director who specializes in development-adjacent services across the physical, digital and print world.

  • Development //
  • Market Analysis & Feasibility Studies
  • Acquisition & Entitlements
  • Financing
  • Community Outreach & Communications
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Leasing
  • Asset Management
  • Design //
  • Concept Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Integrated Design
  • Consultant Management
  • Spatial Design
  • Building Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Digital Identity
  • Branding //
  • Programing
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Partnerships

Good design, predicated on meaningful and grounded research, can create an enduring and iconic project – something that is exciting and new, but also honest and native to its context. To this end we work across project types, materials, methods and mediums to create genre-bending projects. We marry outcome with intent, making sure that historical context informs material usage, that light informs color study and that the human experience is considered at each and every turn.

"We utilize best practices in development and design to create cohesive social environments."

Development is more than a building or a bottom line. It is creating forums for human connection, implementing measured sustainability practices and committing company resources to furthering diversity, equity and inclusion in our communities. Successful developments are rooted in thoughtful design and quality construction, making them resilient in the face of market cycles, changing trends and the erosion of time. Iconic projects are built on the foundation of enduring relationships, which themselves are built on trust. We believe in design as strategy rather than design as veneer.

“Natural Object wants to ‘de-silo' traditional development and bring together different departments not in conversation with one another.”

-Denver Business Journal

“Jon is incredibly good about thinking through every little detail in the environment... finding the right contrast of warm and cool materials. "

-Modern In Denver